Lyngenfjord’s marine ecosystem has bountiful sea creatures of varying species. Fish is a staple in the residents’ diets and it is one of Norway’s most important items for trade to other parts of Europe. Visitors who come to the Lyngen-area for recreational fishing must follow strict regulations that protect the region’s stock. However, on the fjord, no licence is required.

The fjord is a waterway around Lyngen, popular for its stunning beautImage result for Fish the Fjord in Lyngeny. From the time fishing season starts in March, people flock to the river to reel in the perfect catch of the day. Halibut, cod, and other fish swim in the deep waters. Fishermen catch them to cook for dinner or to take home as a souvenir. Expeditions on the fjord include fishing tours and excursions on rented boats. Some even catch fish from the top of rocks at the river banks.

Fishing the fjord is free, but regulations ban nets. Tourists must fish with hand tackle, prohibiting the use of pots, traps, and lines. In other areas, licences are needed, especially for fishing on state-owned property. Regulations prohibit tourists from selling fish from the fjord and there are restrictions on the number and weight of trophy fish that travellers can take out of the country.

Due to the Gyrodactylus Salaris salmon parasite found in the river, licence applicants in certain areas must disinfect their fishing equipment before leaving. This rule is strictly enforced. Fishermen can buy disinfectant themselves or pay someone else to do it. In some cases, a deposit is required, which is only refunded after the equipment is cleaned.

Fishing tourism is a huge part of Lyngen’s economy. There are specialists available to provide the expertise, gear, and cleaning equipment you need to have a wonderful adventure. The season ends in October, but Lyngenfjord’s abundant waters attract visitors throughout the year.