Nestled amid the picturesque landscapes and the rich, indigenous culture of Northern Norway, Lyngenfjord is a bastion of sustainable living. Local officials encourage visitors to practise sustainability to limit the effects of tourism on the natural beauty of the region.

Stay green by booking lodgings at one of Lyngenfjord’s three certified sustainable accommodations for visitors to the region: Svensby Tursenter, Koppangen Brygger and Xlyngen are Key Green Certified, offering eco-friendly atmospheres for the environmentally conscious. Key Green is a global organisation that labels hotel providers who meet high sustainability standards.

For home-grown, tasty food and drink, there are several places to consider. Bios Cafe is one sImage result for Experience the Beauty of Lygenfjord's Sustainable Culturepot of many where the succulent cuisine is produced with locally sourced foods. Lyngen is home to a whiskey distillery. You can enjoy the range and variety of beverages, making whiskey tasting a part of your sustainable experience.

Lyngenfjord offers ecologically-friendly transportation options, namely travels by bus and ferry, although travellers who choose the bus option must plan carefully. Public transportation has daily departures, albeit intermittent. Be sure to check bus schedules prior to leaving. The ETR regional bus also has daily departures, it may be the best way to experience the beauty of the Lygenfjord area. Ferry routes take tourists across Lyngenfjord, offering cafés for dining pleasure, with convenient card payment option. Four charging stations are available in the region for electric cars.

Officials ask visitors to remember to sort the trash. Matching the correct material to the corresponding color-coded bags helps tourists to be part of Lyngenfjord’s sustainability initiatives, ensuring waste is recycled properly.

In 2017, Lyngenfjord was recognised as a ‘Sustainable Destination’ from Innovation Norway. The region works to restrict adverse effects of tourism on the environment. As you delve into the beauty and culture of Lyngenfjord, officials hope you participate in the proactive efforts to protect the region’s natural habitats with sustainable living.