During the summer, Lyngenfjord residents and tourists enjoy a combination of unique festivals, sports activities, and cultural programmes that highlight the local traditions. It’s an opportunity for tourists to join in cultural activities and experience the warmth of Norwegian people.

Image result for Experience a Summer of Festivals, Food, and Fun to LyngenfjordExperience the Festivals

The Rock & Reker in Lyngen is renowned for great shrimp and enjoyable music. The event features popular bands and activities for participants old and young. Another event in Lyngen, the accordion festival, happens in late July. Musicians, soloists or with accordion clubs, come together to share accordion music and dance under the Midnight Sun. Skervoy Days is yet another event showcasing exhibits near Skervoy for three days in late June. It’s a yearly event that includes children’s activities and concerts.

Enjoy Vehicles

Lavakarittett off-road race attracts 500 competitors annually. In August, cyclists compete in a race that pits professionals against amateurs in a test of skill and endurance over a challenging route. If you prefer motorized vehicles, car and bike hobbyist meet every year at Lyngentreffet to display vintage cars, new cars, and motorcycles. Prizes are awarded and participants end up partying together at the local pub.

Join Sports Activities

In May, the annual half marathon in Lyngen gets going. Participants can run a half marathon, 10 km or 4 km. If you are more into fishing, a fishing festival occurs in Manndalen in late June. It includes competitions, entertainment, and a walk under the Midnight Sun. In July, join a sky run that takes place in Lyngenfjord. It offers food and activities for the entire family.

Lyngenfjord has a unique blend of events and activities, drawing tourists from around the globe. Local festivals highlight the indigenous, regional culture, bringing people from all backgrounds together. Whether you’re planning a trip for relaxation or you’re an extreme sports enthusiast, Lyndenfjord offers family-friendly festivals and events to suit your style.