In colder weather, Lyngen is a real life winter wonderland. The snow-covered environment has breathtaking views, attracting travellers from all four corners of the Earth for seasonal fun. Whether you like to ice climb or sit underneath the spectacular Northern lights, there are plenty of activities to enjoy.

Dog sledding is popular in these parts. Dash across the snowy terrain on your sled, Image result for Escape to Lyngenfjord for Winter Adventureswhile you guide a team of huskies. It’s the ultimate Artic experience. Lead the dog team through snowy ground, up hills, and across stunning landscapes. You’ll receive helpful tips from the knowledgeable guides about mushing before you begin the journey. Once you start, you’re in control of the sled and the dogs.

Discover the fascinating traditions and culture of the indigenous Sami tribe. Reindeer sledding takes tourists to the Tromso edge to experience the magnificent Northern Lights. Joined by a Sami guide from a reindeer farm, you’ll learn Sami culture. Enjoy the storytelling, singing, and food, such as tasty, reindeer soup.

Some of Lyngenfjord’s waters freeze in the winter. Ice fishing is an amazing way to begin the morning. Enjoy snow shoeing through frosty weather, before heading to the fjord to fish on the frozen water. Drop a line through an open hole to catch some cod, halibut, or other fish common to the area.

Certified ice climbers take groups on exciting adventures, climbing up frozen waterfalls. The guides use the top-roping technique to ensure the safety of novice climbers. No experienced is required to feel the thrill of climbing amid the wondrous beauty of the fjord. Be sure to bundle up. The guides move slowly up the ice to keep track of each climber. The excursion takes about 5 hours.

Come to Lyngenfjord during the winter to immerse yourself in local customs. The unique winter activities help visitors to make unforgettable memories and have lots of fun.