Coast through the Lyngen Alps, enjoying spectacular views of snow-capped mountains while skiing past some of the most breathtaking scenery in the world. It’s a thrilling adventure, regardless of whether you are making a lone descent or tour with a group. Ski season in LyngenImage result for Enjoy Magical Descents While Skiing Under the Midnight Sunfjord offers challenging mountain terrain, great food, and after-ski fun.

Accommodations are diverse, ranging from pleasant, basic rooms to lavish, luxury suites. Located near the Lyngen Alps, many lodges have panoramic, scenic views, fully-equipped kitchens, and ideal surroundings. Exclusive offers are available for extended stays and group reservations.

It’s beneficial to hire a guide to help traverse the dangerous mountain conditions, such as areas at risk of avalanches. Some peaks are impossible to reach, unless you travel by boat. Choose this option to almost guarantee that you’ll be putting fresh tracks in the snow. Take advantage of a guide’s familiarity with the region in customising a ski adventure tailored to exceed your expectations, and lead your group to the mountain peaks in safety.

Bring your own gear, or rent from a local company. During peak season, mild weather and snow conditions are optimal for touring. Several types of packages are available, from weekend excursions to week-long holidays. You can also pick a Lyngenford sail and ski combination tour. Snow conditions are unpredictable, so ensure that you pick up a headlight and other safety equipment, like an avalanche probe.

By May, the mid-night sun is visible, allowing for excursions throughout the night. This natural phenomenon, when the sun shines at midnight, happens in the summer. It’s a must-see for tourists who want to enjoy the spectacular views. Local cuisine, waffles to order, or seafood with margaritas, after-ski dining is a fulfilling part of the day, as you meet with friends to enjoy the ambiance of local restaurants.

From the exhilarating rush of downhill descent to enjoying the relaxing, local culture, ski touring in Lyngenfjord is a magical experience that you’ll never forget.