The fresh water and farmers of Lyngenfjord deliver the ingredients for succulent dining with local flair. Morning through evening, restaurants cater to the hungry appetites of residents and travellers. From delicious delicacies to traditional favourites, food in the area brings folks to the table to enjoy warm conversation and good vibes.

Lyngen shrimp is top of the line. Relish tasty Norwegian Lapskaus, a mixture of potatoes, meat, and winter vegetables. Lapskaus means “Anything goes”. You’re bound to revel in the medley of flavours from the traditional soup or stew. Taste the lemon and garlic shrimp scImage result for Delight in Lyngenfjord Local Culinary Flavourampi or delight in one-of-a-kind casserole dishes. Area cooks know how to make local, high-quality shrimp or cod into tantalising culinary experiences.

Let choice cuts of Lyngen lamb melt in your mouth. The lamb is known for its tenderness, because of the clean air, fresh water, and green grass of the area. Lamb in cabbage is Norway’s national dish. Come eat the popular meal that is created from Lyngen’s locally sourced food ingredients. Chefs don’t waste any of the lamb’s meat. Try cooked lamb head and other distinct dishes that you’ll never forget.

Finish the meal like the locals do. Quench your thirst with a cold beer, vodka, or whisky. The local distillery manufactures a diverse array of products for your drinking pleasure. It’s an ode to Lyngen’s past, when Vikings made moonshine in Norway. Hydrate with the freshness of locally sourced water. The tap water comes from the clean rapids in the mountains. Water purifies as it travels through the Alps. Pure drinking water is a great way to wash down the exquisite food choices.

Lyngenfjord’s culinary offerings highlight regional dishes and traditional culture. Fresh ingredients from local sources elevate the quality of the meals. Many visitors come to Lyngenfjord to experience the comforting hospitality and eat the delicious cuisine.