Gambling in Lyngenfjord is restricted because the Norwegian government controls gambling activity of the country. It is illegal for citizens to gamble at online casinos, or gamble outside of Norway while within the borders of the country. It is even a crime to have a gambling party in a house. The only gambling options available to residents are the games of chance controlled by Norway.

Norse Rikstoto offers gambling for online and offline horse races. Norse Tipping runs the lottery, including scratch cards and other gambling games. No land-based casinos exist in Norway. In 2014, Norse Tipping developed an online casino, called Kong Kasino. It offers video poker, slots, and other casino games. Authorities hope Kong Kasino will deter Norwegians from choosing to gamble at online casinos in foreign countries. There are limits placed on bets at Kong Kasino, unlike comparable online casinos.

The Norwegian government monopolizes all slot machines. Years ago, private owners placed slots in public venues, such as bars, gas stations, stores and hotels. By 2004, slot machines produced more than 60 percent of gambling revenues, more than 30 billion NOK. In 2007, state-owned Norse Tipping took over slot betting by installing modern machines. This allowed the company to restrict the age of players, and limit the amount of money players spent. The government uses revenues from slot machines for sports teams and charity.

This is unlike other countries like the United Kingdom, Sweden, South Africa and many others where an online casino is easy to access and simple to deposit funds and withdraw winnings.

By 2015, Norway legalised poker for home play, under certain restrictions. Players cannot bet more than 1,000 MOK ($120). Not more than 10 players per game. Participants must be friends. The game must have amateur players. Residents of Norway can organize poker tournaments and poker championships.

Norway’s efforts to protect its citizens from the dangers associated with excessive gambling, means the country maintains some of the strictest gambling laws in Europe. Residents can have a taste of gambling. With state-managed gambling services and personal poker games, casino night can be every night.