The Lyngen area offers its fair share of adventurous hiking experiences. River boat safarImage result for Hike Through Lyngens Spectacular Mountain Terrainis, glacier expeditions, and hiking tours take visitors into the natural habitat to experience the rough mountain terrain first hand.

Get up close to a natural wonder. Experience one of the 900 glaciers in Northern Norway, formed slowly over time from the accumulation of snow and ice. The wonderous adventure includes detailed information about the area. The hike takes visitors out onto the glaciers in safe areas, offering the opportunity to inspect crevices and see the unusual blue colour of some of the melted water. Guides recommend hikers wear comfortable shoes and attire, and bring a backpack to carry food for the trip.

Travel upstream on a riverboat to the National Park to participate in an unforgettable safari. Explore rock art 3000 years old, before walking to Mollisfossen waterfall, one of the most stunning in Norway. Near the Finnish border, the waterfall is so remote that it receives few visitors. With a height of more than 800 feet, water cascades down in a spectacular fall to the river flowing beneath it.

Enjoy the freedom of mountain running. Starting at Signalden, follow routes through the picturesque mountain trails to their destinations, such as Paras or Stordalen. It’s an exhilarating adventure, with a husky as a constant companion to carry each person’s gear, food, and clothes. Sightseers can also choose to hike instead of run, while observing the magnificent landscape.

Crawl over the terrain to reach the summit of iconic mountain peaks, with panoramic views. Use ropes to climb to higher mountaintops, under the watchful eye of knowledgeable guides. Visiting the area is not complete without the spectacular scenery and amazing, natural habitat of the mountain region. Hiking adventures are a vacationer’s perfect escape into the wilderness of Lyngen. Beware that there are many places that have no cellular reception so if you get into trouble make sure you have told someone your route for the day. There are however a number of hot-spots setup for those needing to catch up on the news, access Facebook or play at all the online casinos accepting real money for casino game play.